Our Capabilities

 Our service offering harnesses the expertise of our policy specialists, researchers and academics in an array of fields. Our work is bolstered by interdisciplinary collaboration across our advisory groups in order to best answer our partners’ key policy questions.  

Strategy and Research



Our key strength is the ability to undertake high-quality research, using robust qualitative and quantitative empirical methods to explore vital policy areas. This ensures decision-makers’ important policy questions are answered with confidence and rigour.

Digital Transformation



PGA has guided organizations on defining and driving user-centric strategies and initiatives along the full digital spectrum . This encompasses data analytics and visualization, data warehousing, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc.

Evidence-based Consulting



Our vision is to enhance evidence-based decision-making by bridging the gap between research and policymaking. We have been recognized for providing sound policy advice based on world-class robust research and leading stakeholder liaisons.

Global Benchmarking


  PGA unites reputable know-how with a discerning eye to local uniqueness. Integral to our philosophy in all engagements is a commitment to meticulous research driven by scientific methodologies. and based on global experts' knowledge and expertise.

Monitoring and Evaluation


Our experts integrate research, monitoring and evaluation into all stages of strategies and programming.  More than ever before, greater efficiency and effectiveness is essential to the success of governmental entities and we are here to support that.

Capacity Building


At the core of our international services is capacity building as we guarantee transferring the knowledge of our experts to our partner clients. This aligns with our priorities: sustainability, lifelong learning, and empowerment through upskilling.