Parkville Global Advisory has a respected track record of strategic planning, research, analysis, and evaluation for government agencies for over a decade. Founded in Melbourne, Australia with the vision to enhance evidence-based decision-making, our consulting services have bridged the gap between research and policymaking. The Advisory provides sound policy advice based on world-class robust research and in-depth knowledge. Today, the team unites seasoned policy advisors with global expertise together with expert academics affiliated to leading universities.

Evidence-based Policymaking

We conduct innovative research to guide governmental entities in devising evidence-driven strategies. In addition to research, evaluation and strategic planning, our world-class services  include advanced internal training to build capacity and ensure knowledge transfer.

Global Expertise and Know-How

The Advisory unites reputable know-how with a discerning eye to local uniqueness. Integral to our philosophy in all engagements is a commitment to meticulous research driven by scientific methodologies, data insights, behavioural insights and participatory approaches.