Partnering with leading not-for-profit and community organisations to help develop a greater understanding of individual and organisational philanthropy; enhancing transparency and efficient operations; evaluating causal impact of existing and proposed programs through advanced econometric techniques; modelling economic incentives in a variety of developing economies; conducting development economics research on the impact of public-private partnerships, foreign aid and disaster relief; developing and implementing cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys to produce evidence guiding development policy.

Public sector productivity
Evaluating existing government structures and strategies within and between departments, agencies and authorities; evaluating cross-cutting governmental initiatives involving multiple agencies; training public servants in program evaluation, project management and research methods amongst many other fields; quantifying return-on-investment for various government programs.

Developing government policies to address climate change including regulations, legislation and taxation; advising on the design of carbon tax policies, emissions trading schemes and pollutant sequestration initiatives; designing efficient auctions of biodiversity and conservation contracts; analysing the impact of existing and proposed policies on environmental outcomes.