Parkville Global Advisory has been at the forefront of active research for policymaking for over a decade. Today, the Advisory has ongoing partnerships with state and federal governments across four continents.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Parkville Global Advisory has an established track record of undertaking agreed programs of research, analysis, and evaluation in partnership with government agencies. Our partnerships range from six months to ten years, a testament to both the emphasis we place on cultivating cooperative partnerships, and the essential relevance of the research and advisory services we provide.

Whether it is the distribution of resources in government budgets or the implementation of programs, regulation and legislation, governments cannot afford to make ineffective decisions. That is why for many years Parkville Global Advisory has supported governments forming far-reaching decisions based on evidence and research in the economic, development and social policy fields.

Its international engagement was launched in 1997 as it expanded beyond Australia to Indonesia. The Advisory's global activities revolve around human capital development with a focus on:

Education reform
National and sectoral strategic planning
Demography and social policy issues
Labour market design
Policy evaluation and analysis

Integral to our philosophy in all engagements is a commitment to comprehensive research driven by scientific methodologies. All projects include the communication and operationalization of findings for a variety of audiences. Our key strength is the ability to formulate research objectives to ensure decision-makers' questions are answered. Our experience has been that partner organisations often have not made full use of their existing data. Where these objectives require additional data, the Advisory conducts large-scale representative surveys that extend inferences from the sample to the entire population.